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How heat pumps increase the energy efficiency of homes

Steadily rising energy costs and growing environmental concerns have brought the search for more efficient and environmentally friendly heating systems into focus. One technology that is becoming increasingly important in this regard is heat pumps. These smart devices not only provide efficient heating and cooling, but also contribute significantly to the... Read more "How heat pumps increase the energy efficiency of homes

Heat Pumps vs. Conventional Heating Systems: A Comprehensive Comparison of Costs, Efficiency, and Environmental Impacts.

Choosing the right heating system for your home is a decision that has both financial and environmental implications. In recent years, heat pumps have become increasingly popular as they are seen as a sustainable alternative to conventional heating methods. In this post, we take a look at... Read more "Heat pumps vs. conventional heating systems: a comprehensive comparison of cost, efficiency and environmental impact.

Sale: OPL 300

A heat pump is the heating of the future and one thing we can tell you is that it is better to invest in a heat pump sooner than later. Why? Because there are currently government subsidies for converting to heat pumps and because we need to start taking care of our environment now... Read more "Sale: OPL 300

Ovum Expert Training

Fortunately for us, our systems are very popular. However, it is very important for us that our numerous sales partners also have the appropriate knowledge about our heat pumps. This is why we have always taken this part into our own hands and continuously conduct training courses at our... Read more "Ovum Expert Training

EHPA seal of approval for the ACP series

Our ACP series has already been able to convince in recent months with its outstanding efficiency, whisper-quiet operation and its sophisticated overall system. But now the OVUM AirCube ACP has reached yet another milestone. Recently, our new heat pump series has been awarded the EHPA seal of approval and can therefore continue to... Read more "EHPA seal of approval for the ACP series

Impressions from the open day

On 07 February 2023 our open day took place together with our partner Meco. There you could not only participate in exciting lectures on the topic of heat pumps, but prospective apprentices could get a taste of the professions as HVAC installers, mechatronics engineers, office clerks. We have... Read more "Impressions of the open day

Open house on February 7

SAVE THE DATE - On February 7, our open day will take place together with our partner Meco Erdwärme GmbH. Here you can inform yourself in detail about our apprenticeships (HVAC fitter, mechatronics, office clerk) or about the operation of our heat pumps. Also your manual skills can be... Read more "Open day on 7 February

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