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Ovum heat pumps the compact heating centre for single-family homes

Heating, cooling, ventilating, preparing fresh hot water and optimally controlling temperatures down to room level. With the compact NHWP geothermal heat pump, Ovum offers a convenient and highly efficient solution with all-round complete equipment for single-family homes with a heating requirement of up to 14 kW. The system makes it possible to significantly increase the proportion of self-consumption of self-generated photovoltaic electricity.

The solution for an environmentally friendly future. Simply ingenious - ingeniously simple!

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Everything combined in a compact, space-saving unit.

Modulating heat pump with the highest efficiency figures. The heat pump regulates the output according to several factors for even more economical operation.

Thanks to passive cooling, the energy from the building is only transferred to the ground by means of two circulation pumps. This is almost free cooling, which also supplies the ground with energy.

Hygienically perfect hot water preparation using fresh water technology. This ensures that only completely fresh water is ever used to prepare the hot water. This is done efficiently and cleanly.

Watt-accurate use of the PV overcurrent. The Ovum PV Management System is independent of the PV components - it works. In addition, the setpoints for hot water and heating (in winter) are raised to be able to store even more free energy.

Huge storage tank with 480 to 660 litres.

Designed and engineered by the installer. The Ovum NHWP is quick and easy to install. That saves money.

The heat pump at a glance

Patented thermal safe

The patented Thermotresor technology achieves a further increase in efficiency. Ovum is the only supplier on the market that protects all components of the system from heat loss. Standby heat losses are reduced by up to 50% compared to conventional systems due to the joint insulation of the storage tank and the technical unit.

Domestic hot water preparation

Treat fresh water efficiently and legionella-proof. The fresh water system offers clear advantages when it comes to efficiency and hygiene. For hot water preparation, as little as 50°C is sufficient, as fresh water is heated at the time of tapping, thus ruling out legionella problems. In addition, the NHWP can provide high temperatures particularly efficiently thanks to the integrated desuperheating technology*. If there is an oversupply of PV electricity, the hot water tank can be charged to 57°C, making optimal use of the capacity of the large storage tank.


Integrated touch control unit

The control electronics are integrated into the complete system and optimise self-consumption at various points. It automatically detects a PV power surplus and stores the energy as heat in the heating buffer, in the fresh water storage tank and optionally also in the underfloor heating. At the same time, it controls the output of the fully modulating heat pump and optimally adapts it to the current solar power supply. All functions can be controlled by the user down to room level via smartphone app or a self-explanatory touch control panel.


Smart in the room level.

A system that works right down to the room level. Whether heating or cooling. Define your wishes individually for each room and the system works independently in winter and summer. More comfort, more efficiency.



Best photovoltaic solution

Use photovoltaic electricity at the right time with watt accuracy with your heat pump. Ovum provides the best solution on the market. A plug-in system with a large storage tank and intelligent control ensure low heating costs. Unused or surplus energy from your PV system is detected by the heat pump, which uses this energy and stores it in the thermal vault. The heat pump automatically joins the system as the last consumer and helps you to maximise your own PV power.

The heat pump with geothermal energy

Simply Cool

Wellcooling - The NHWP uses the coolness of the ground to cool the house in summer. This is referred to as passive cooling, as only the heating circuit & the brine pump are operated for cooling. An algorithm developed by OVUM recognises the cooling requirement at an early stage and thus cools particularly gently via the underfloor, ceiling or wall heating. wall heating.

The ingenious arrangement of the components makes it possible to cool in summer and at the same time convert free electricity into hot water. In addition, the ready-delivered natural cooling set can be installed within 10 minutes. Simply ingenious - ingeniously simple!

Cooling at nultarif with Ovum natural cooling set!

Dry & Cool

Dehumidifying and preheating the supply air-With the Dry & Cool control, the geothermal probe or the collector can be used to preheat or cool and dehumidify the supply air. This saves energy and increases living comfort. The Ovum heat pump is unbeatable for cooling and in combination with living space ventilation.

With Dry & Cool the supply air preheat & dehumidify.

The geothermal heat pumpand its advantages:

Long service life thanks to constant energy source

No space consumption in the garden

Low operating costs

Deep drilling, ground or ring trench collector are investments for many generations

Cooling at zero cost

Access your heat pump from anywhere via web-based remote maintenance

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Simply ingenious ingenious-simple


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