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Ovum heat pumps ensure a clean future

Everything the modern single family house needs. The new Ovum-NHWP heat pump central heating unit contains everything required for the living comfort of a single family home in compact dimensions. It heats, cools, prepares hot water with a fresh water system, regulates temperatures all year round down to room level and can control a living space ventilation system. In addition, it is designed for optimal self-consumption of PV electricity. It increases the self-consumption of PV electricity to up to 65%, which usually corresponds to doubling the use of the self-produced electricity.


Determined and pointing the way to an environmentally friendly future, that is our goal!
We will be happy to advise you and find the right solution for you.


Air heat

ACP - Air source heat pump

The most efficient air source heat pump in the world with the natural refrigerant R290.

Air heat

AC - air heat pump

The ingenious air-source heat pump can be mounted outside as well as inside. It is super quiet and compact. 

Air source heat pump
Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy

NHWP - Ground source heat pump

The Ovum NHWP is a compact heat pump and the perfect solution for your home.

Hot water

OPW - Water heater

Ideal for decentralized water heating. Compact, quiet and easy to operate the Ovum-OPW.

Passive hot water

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