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Ovum heat pump AirCube Outdoor - modern design and whisper quiet!

The OVUM AirCube is a flexible heat pump module that uses the energy of the air. Place it outdoors with a modern design.

Quiet, modulating air source heat pump for heating, cooling and hot water preparation. The state-of-the-art scroll inverter technology ensures extremely efficient operation both at low outdoor temperatures in winter and in the autumn and spring months.

For a quiet and environmentally friendly future. Ingeniously simple!

AirCube Outdoor

Ovum Original_cross

Available as Ovum AirCube 08, Ovum AirCube 12 or Ovum AirCube 16.

Monobloc - Split
2.7 - 10 kW
3.4 - 12 kW
4.0 - 16 kW

Features of the air source heat pump:

Outdoor installation

Monobloc and split construction
Perfectly combinable with the Ovum storage system

Intelligent photovoltaic connection

Fully modulating heat pump with highest efficiency values, energy source air

Control of a living space ventilation possible

Access your heat pump from anywhere via web-based remote maintenance

Whisper-quiet and space-saving use of the energy in the air

Efficient fully modulating air source heat pump for up to 60°C flow.

Integrated cooling.

Hygienic hot water preparation with a fresh water system in combination with the Ovum heat pump storage tank.

Intelligent PV management with doubling of self-consumption. 

Huge storage tank with 660 litres.

Ready-to-connect system solution. Flexible to use.

The outdoor air heat pump


Ovum AirCube Outdoor

The Ovum AirCube for outdoor installation is supplied with a design louvre cover consisting of louvre grille, bonnet and lid. Space-saving and whisper-quiet, it fits into any garden.

Silent technology 

Noise-optimised air routing in conjunction with the latest fan technology enable quiet operation. In addition, a time programme can be used to define the possible range of services for different periods of a day.

Housing material

The Ovum AirCube is made of high-quality materials such as aluminium and copper. This avoids corrosion and ensures long-lasting operation. Thanks to an intelligent design, the AirCube achieves the highest efficiencies with an extremely compact construction.

Housing design

Design cover for OVUM AirCube. Shapely slats and covers for outdoor installation of the AirCube.

Dimensions AirCube Exterior:

Width: 1170 mm
Depth: 805 mm
Height: 1036mm

Color: Antracite

Photovoltaic power is best consumed by yourself!

Every heat pump needs electricity. One more, the Ovum less. Nevertheless, you can't do without electricity altogether. How good that there are PV systems! How good that Ovum exists! Because our heat pumps can work with any photovoltaic system. Regardless of the PV manufacturer and regardless of whether they have a battery or not - Ovum heat pumps always use only the electricity that finally leaves the building in the direction of the grid. And that exactly to the watt! Thus, we can increase self-consumption many times over, making you independent! In addition to increasing the setpoints for hot water and heating, our control system can do even more. We can heat your swimming pool completely free of charge. We can control cooling for your building using only PV power. Ovum heat pumps can harness PV power like no other. Our products are the absolute leader when it comes to integrating the heat pump with a PV system.

Aircube + Ovum - cube storage an excellent team!

There is more to an efficient heat pump system than just having the most efficient heat pump on the market. With the optional Ovum Cube storage system, you can exploit the full potential of the best heat pump. 

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