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Ovum heat pumps ensure an efficient future

Welcome to the top class!

Ovum presents the most efficient heat pump on the market.

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of the R290 heat pumps.

Ovum presents the world's most efficient air source heat pump!

Ovum heat pumps in first place among Tyrolean small businesses

Once again there is an award for Ovum
The Tyrolean heat pump manufacturer Ovum was lifted to the top of the podium at the renowned "Austria's Leading Companies Award". 

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Air heat

ACP - Air source heat pump

The most efficient air source heat pump in the world with the natural refrigerant R290.

Air heat

AC - air heat pump

The ingenious air-source heat pump can be mounted outside as well as inside. It is super quiet and compact. 

Air source heat pump
Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy

NHWP - Ground source heat pump

The Ovum NHWP is a compact heat pump and the perfect solution for your home.

Hot water

OPW - Water heater

Ideal for decentralized water heating. Compact, quiet and easy to operate the Ovum-OPW.

Passive hot water

The Ovum heat pump

what can the heat pump do - briefly explained....

Simple, uncomplicated and fast assembly. Simply ingenious - ingeniously simple!

Patented thermal safe protects all system components, minimal storage losses

Optimal storage capacity for PV power utilization. Up to 20 kWh of energy can be stored.

Fresh water system for efficient and legionella-safe domestic water preparation

Simple, intuitive control. Complex interrelationships are clearly presented

Access your heat pump from anywhere via web-based remote maintenance


The heat pump and its versatility...

The Ovum NHWP uses the constant energy in the ground to heat the building. Thanks to the constant temperatures in the ground, it can also be used for cooling in summer. This is referred to as passive cooling, as only the heating circuit and the brine pump are operated for cooling. An algorithm developed by Ovum detects the need for cooling at an early stage and thus cools particularly gently via the floor or wall heating surfaces.

The air source heat pump is easy to install and does not require any permits. Installation is often very easy to realise. The AirCube can heat & cool as standard. Thanks to perfect PV management, cooling is free.

The TopEnergy series is ideal for residential construction. Easy to install and quickly put into operation. The installation is extremely space-saving. With the prefabricated heating system, the entire boiler room is installed on the roof. Costly boiler rooms in the basement or underground garage are no longer required.

The Ovum OPW 170 domestic hot water heat pump uses the heating circuit as a heat source. It can simply be connected to the heating circuit distributor in the residential unit, uses this as a heat source and prepares the hot water decentrally in the residential unit, efficiently and in accordance with standards. This not only prevents heat loss, as occurs in the DHW circulation, but also creates a pleasant cooling effect in summer by cooling the heating water.

The Ovum OPW 170 represents a completely new generation of return heat pumps and has many positive aspects for use in residential buildings.

Ovum - Warranty extension

Look to the future with Ovum heat pumps.


Warranty extension for NHWP and AirCube


Warranty extensions to 3 years, 5 years or 10 years

Herewith, in addition to the legal warranty obligations, an extended/additional material warranty is offered.

The provisions of Ovum Heiztechnik gmbH apply.

Get your heat pump promoted!

Thanks to the high annual performance factors, OVUM heat pumps are fully eligible for subsidies.

Depending on the country and region, heat pumps are subsidised by up to 50%. The awarding as well as the amount of the subsidy rate varies greatly depending on the state. Often, the subsidy criteria even differ greatly between the individual federal states. Regional and detailed clarification is therefore absolutely necessary.


Your Ovum competence partner will be happy to inform you about the current funding opportunities for your Ovum heat pump.



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