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Ovum cube storage tank - the perfect complement to the heat pump!

There is more to an efficient heat pump system than just having the most efficient heat pump on the market. With the optional Ovum Cube storage system, you can exploit the full potential of the best heat pump. Available in two variants.

The accumulators are also available as a split variant

Cube 500

Storage volume 480 ltr.

Cube 700

Storage volume 680 ltr.

Aircube + Ovum - cube storage
an excellent team!

The system memory integrates 7 functions:

- Hot water tank

- Hygienic fresh water system

- Buffer tank & hydraulic separator

- Cooling function with lock valve

- PV excess storage

- Heating circuit mixed incl. pump

- Thermal safe cover for storage and technology

Ovum Aircube-ACP_NHWP_accumulator

All these functions are perfectly matched, ready installed and wired in the system storage tank. The 3-layer thermal vault insulates not only the storage tank, but the entire system technology and thus protects your entire system from unnecessary heat loss. In combination with the Ovum PV-Watch, your heat pump system automatically adapts to existing free PV surplus and processes it with wattage accuracy with the highest efficiency on the market.

Maximum system efficiency is achieved with the coordinated overall system.

The ready hydraulics can avoid installation errors.

Up to 20% less installation effort, both for hydraulics and electrical wiring.

Best photovoltaic solution with watt-precise adjustment of heat pump output and PV energy management for hot water, heating and cooling regardless of the type and type of your PV system.

The Ovum - cube storage tank can be combined with the following heat pumps:

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