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The most efficient heat pump in the world!


Welcome to the top class of efficient heating!

With the brand new ACP series, Ovum is opening a new chapter in efficiency. The AC312P and AC417P are absolute record holders. The ACP series is thus the first heat pump series to achieve an outstanding SCOP[35] of over 6.

Simply ingenious!

  • Outstanding efficiency SCOP[35] of 6.02

  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant propane R290

  • Whisper-quiet operation only 39.9 dB(A)

  • Sophisticated overall system Cube storage tank

  • High temperatures up to 70°C ideal for refurbishment

  • Perfect PV management watt accurate adjustment

Superior efficiency

SCOP[35] of 6.02

Environmentally friendly

Refrigerant propane R290

Whisper quiet

Operation at only 39.9 dB(A)


Complete system with Cube memory

High temperatures

up to 70°C, ideal for renovation

PV Management

watt-accurate adjustment for PV systems


AirCube 312P and 417P

Ovum Air Heat Pump_AirCube ACP Building Series


The air - heat pumps ACP series

6.02 - the magic number opens up a new era in efficiency. Welcome to the top class!

A SCOP of 6.02 sets new standards in the heat pump industry and ensures the lowest energy consumption. The SCOP reflects the efficiency you can achieve at your site. 

This is regulated in EN14825 and is determined in an elaborate test procedure at a certified testing institute. For this purpose, the heat pump is tested for efficiency at different temperature ranges. Both the operating limit (at -20°C) and the test points at -10°C, -7°C, 2°C, 7°C and 12°C are measured precisely. 

For your house in Germany, Switzerland or Austria, the climate tables are subsequently used (defined as average climate) and the annual efficiency is calculated via the number of hours with the respective air temperature. The SCOP thus represents the most meaningful key figure in terms of efficiency. 

Excellent sound values for low noise level

Due to the generous dimensioning, the ACP series is also very quiet. With a sound power level of only 39.9 dB(A) (according to ERP), the units are among the quietest air-source heat pumps on the market. In the course of the performance measurements at the test institute, a sound measurement is also carried out in addition to the consumption values. According to ERP, this sound measurement must be carried out at a defined power level and heating temperature. This clear definition makes these sound values comparable for customers.

The OVUM AIRCUBE stands out with an absolutely low sound power level of 39.9 dB(A) thanks to its sound-reducing cladding and an integrated bionic air conduction function.

The OVUM AIRCUBE stands out with an absolutely low sound power level of 39.9 dB(A) thanks to its sound-reducing cladding and an integrated bionic air conduction function.

Ovum air heat pump_HGS inside

Higher efficiency thanks to HGS

For high efficiency, a heat pump must not only be efficient at a certain temperature, but must deliver the best performance values over the entire annual course. The OVUM Aircube sets new standards here. Perfectly matched technology and the integrated HGS process (hot gas process) ensure these high efficiency values over a wide temperature spectrum. The effect - the heat pump not only excels in individual areas, but delivers outstanding performance over the entire annual temperature curve.

Refrigerant propane

Thanks to the environmentally friendly refrigerant propane, even high flow temperatures are no problem. Heating, cooling and water heating are child's play for the AirCube ACP.

You have the choice:

Our ACP series is available for you in royal white or modern gray. Decide for yourself which housing is right for you.

Aircube + Ovum - cube storage an excellent team!

An efficient heat pump system requires more than just the most efficient air source heat pump on the market. With the optional Ovum Cube storage system, you get the full potential of the best heat pump. 

Heating and cooling they keep a cool head

In times of global warming, cooling is indispensable. In order to keep the comfort in the building at the same level all year round, all heat pumps from Ovum can prepare and cool hot water in addition to heating. With geothermal heat pumps, this is done extremely efficiently by means of passive cooling (only 2 circulation pumps are required - the heat pump does not run).

With air-source heat pumps, cooling is active (compressor running). However, Ovum sets new standards here as well and cools the building completely free of charge. The only requirement is a photovoltaic system on your roof. Ovum uses the PV overcurrent and adjusts the power continuously and watt-precisely to the PV supply. The cooling is only active when there is enough PV power.

Ovum Air Heat Pump_AirCube ACP Building Series

Electric power from photovoltaics is best consumed by yourself!

Every heat pump needs electricity. One more, the Ovum less. Nevertheless, you can't do without electricity altogether. How good that there are PV systems! How good that Ovum exists! Because our heat pumps can work with any photovoltaic system. Regardless of the PV manufacturer and regardless of whether they have a battery or not - Ovum heat pumps always use only the electricity that finally leaves the building in the direction of the grid. And that exactly to the watt! Thus, we can increase self-consumption many times over, making you independent! In addition to increasing the setpoints for hot water and heating, our control system can do even more. We can heat your swimming pool completely free of charge. We can control cooling for your building using only PV power. Ovum heat pumps can harness PV power like no other. Our products are the absolute leader when it comes to integrating the heat pump with a PV system.

Features of the air source heat pump:

  • 6.02 - outstanding efficiency
  • Intelligent photovoltaic connection
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant R290 propane
  • perfectly combinable with the Ovum - cube accumulator
  • Whisper quiet only 39.9 dB(A)
  • Access your heat pump from anywhere via web-based remote maintenance

Outstanding technology

6.02 - superior SCOP[35]

Integration with PV plant

Intelligent photovoltaic connection

Environmentally friendly components

with refrigerant R290 propane


perfectly combinable with the Ovum - cube accumulator

Noise level

Whisper quiet only 39.9 dB(A)

Remote operation

Access your heat pump from anywhere via web-based remote maintenance


Information and Technical Data Ovum ACP Series

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