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A festival for young and old

If you work hard, you can of course celebrate. Last week, Ovum and Meco organised a big family party for young and old. With a beer truck, barbecue, bouncy castle, face painting and even an XXL water slide. Thanks to our employees for their tireless efforts & all the best to our Peter once again... Read more "A party for big and small

Heat pumps also for the city

In preparation for autumn, our production is running at full speed. This means, of course, that our hard-working competence partners are also in full operation. Together with our partners, we want to install Ovum heat pumps not only in houses in rural areas, but also in houses in the middle of the city... Read more "Heat pumps also for the city

Ovum becomes self-sufficient

We have been self-sufficient at Ovum for a few weeks now, but what does that actually mean? Basically, self-sufficient means not being dependent on anyone, i.e. living independently and self-determined. However, this term is often used to refer to independent energy supply: deciding for yourself what energy costs, where it comes from... Read more "Ovum becomes self-sufficient

OVUM_Wärmepumpen_Kirchbichl_Tirol_Austria_OPW Display

Hot water in residential buildings - The features of the Ovum OPW

As already described in detail in the previous article, the Ovum OPW represents a completely new generation of return heat pumps and has many positive aspects for use in residential buildings. The domestic hot water heat pump uses the heating circuit as a heat source. It can simply be connected to the heating circuit manifold in the residential unit... Read more "Hot water in residential buildings - The features of the Ovum-OPW

Warehouse Clerk (m/f) wanted

We are expanding our Ovum team and are looking for a warehouse clerk. As a warehouse clerk, you will be responsible for various warehouse activities (e.g. dispatch picking, packaging, optimising storage space, etc.), for receiving and checking deliveries, and for shipping goods. You look after your own area and work hand in hand with... Read more "Warehouse clerk (m/f) wanted

What is geothermal energy?

The term geothermal comes from the Greek and is composed of "gé" (Greek) = earth/land and "thermós" (Greek) = warm/hot. Geothermal energy therefore simply means "heat from the earth". Geothermal energy is the energy stored in the form of heat below the surface of the solid earth. In the narrower sense... Read more "What is geothermal energy?


We are looking for reinforcement

Heat pumps are becoming more and more popular and we at Ovum are constantly developing and improving our systems. This is exactly why we need reinforcement in our team. We are currently looking for employees in the following areas: Project technicianIn a young and experienced team you are... Read more "We are looking for reinforcement

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