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Photovoltaics: These are the advantages

Photovoltaic systems are the energy sources of the future. Electricity generated by solar radiation is environmentally friendly and saves money in the long run.

Photovoltaics is therefore a solution to cover our future electricity needs and at the same time protect our environment. You can read about the other advantages of photovoltaic systems here:

  • Photovoltaic systems are emission-free

In contrast to fossil fuels, the generation of electricity with solar energy does not produce any emissions. PV systems therefore not only produce environmentally friendly electricity, the generation of electricity is also noiseless and completely free of exhaust fumes.

  • Solar energy is inexhaustible

Solar energy is not only available in more than sufficient quantities, it is also free. Every year, the sun provides 10,000 times more energy than we humans consume.

  • PV systems have a long service life

The service life of a PV system can be up to 30 years and is therefore a long-term investment. In addition, PV systems are extremely low-maintenance.

Our heat pumps can easily be operated in combination with PV electricity. The Ovum NHWP increases the self-consumption of PV electricity up to 65%, which usually corresponds to doubling the use of self-produced electricity.

Determined and pointing the way to an environmentally friendly future: that is precisely our goal!

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