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The advantages of the OPW hot water pump in residential buildings

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The Ovum OPW represents a whole new generation of return heat pumps. It is not only environmentally friendly, saves money and energy, but also offers a number of other advantages that are simply ingenious for residential construction.

Extremely space-saving
The OPW water heaters can be positioned easily and in a space-saving manner in a storage room, a niche or even in the bathroom and are connected to the manifold of the underfloor heating.

80 % more hot water
The ExtenWater technology in the Ovum OPW ensures that more hot water is available. This makes OPW water heaters suitable even for large families.

Improved insulation
Thanks to a new foam technology (CFC-free, of course), the Ovum-OPW is characterised by particularly low standstill losses.

Improved installation options
The new Ovum OPW has been optimised with regard to maintenance. All work and also the installation are now possible from the front.

Integrated AutoShut function
An additional valve interrupts the connection to the heating system during standstill. During standstill, there is therefore no circulation via the heat pump boiler. This has the advantage that the water circulation quantities in the heating system are reduced and thus the pipe dimensioning and the design of the circulation pump in the plant room can be lower.

Two modes - easier for our customers
You can choose between two modes. This makes it easy to adjust the water heating to the demand, which in turn increases efficiency.

Simple planning
Heating centre can be planned as a pure heating system or also as a system with dry cooling. Hot water preparation takes place in the flats.

Easier and faster installation
The entire installation technology around the Ovum OPW is not only cheaper, but also much faster and easier to install. This saves time and money.

Easier for the operator and the customer
To ensure that no questions remain unanswered, customers can access explanatory videos directly at the product. This saves time for the planner, the installer and the system operator.

You have the housing project, we have the right solution for you in terms of water heating. Our team and our expert partners will be happy to answer all your questions.

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