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Cooling with the heat pump


Heat pumps have established themselves as an environmentally friendly heating system for modern single-family homes. However, many people are not aware that heat pumps can not only heat but also cool.

To defy the cold temperatures in winter, almost every house in Austria has a heating system. However, only very few houses are equipped with air-conditioning, as this is simply not profitable for the few really hot summer days in the year. Especially since electricity-powered air conditioners are also usually quite expensive.

An alternative here is the heat pump - because it can not only heat when it is cold in winter, but also cool on hot days. The best thing about it is that it consumes very little electricity even during the cooling process, as it mainly uses ambient heat for its operation.

Our Ovum NHWP uses the coolness of the ground to cool the house in summer. This is called passive cooling, as only the heating circuit and the brine pump are operated for cooling. With the help of a heat exchanger, the excess heat in the house is automatically discharged into the cooler geothermal probes. 

Does that sound like the perfect solution for your home? Then now is the time to learn more about our Ovum heat pump.

Get more information about our systems directly on our website or get personal advice from our Ovum competence partners.

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