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Big - bigger - OVUM TOP Energy!

OVUM heat pumps is known for smart solutions with heat pump systems. No matter whether it is a simple single-family house or an apartment building. The largest project to date was built in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps. In the noble town of Kitzbühel, a new building was erected by Raiffeisen. The Raiffeisen House Kitzbühel 2.

Kitzbühel - the place where the celebrities shake hands, where the best of the best thunder down the Streif and put the Gamsstadt into a state of emergency year after year.

Kitzbühel - this is exactly where the largest OVUM TOP ENERGY plant has now been put into operation.

About the project:

Along with other suppliers, OVUM submitted the best overall concept, which also met the client's expectations in terms of price. Several heat pumps with table evaporators on the roof were actually planned, without a good solution for hot water preparation.

OVUM then offered the proven TOP ENERGY system for heating and cooling, as well as the already proven passive water heaters for hot water supply. A concept that completely convinced the planners.

The building contains 18 residential units and various commercial spaces. The heat pumps must provide energy for heating or cooling. For this, our units provide up to 315kW of heating and up to 225kW of cooling.

Of course, completely modulating in a range of 15-315kW. If little energy is needed, then fewer units run. The intelligent control ensures that the operating hours on the units are also divided equally. This protects the appliances and extends their service life. Pretty smart, pretty intelligent! The distribution in the building is controlled by a Kieback & Peter BMS.

Another requirement of the building authorities was that the height of the building must not exceed a prescribed limit. Here too, OVUM's system remained within the regulations, which is why it was ultimately used to heat the building.

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